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General terms and conditions for conferences and events

Terms of Delivery
The following terms of delivery are applied to all services in Hotel Anttolanhovi. These terms and conditions are also applied to rental of sauna facilities, meeting and conference venues and services, restaurants and restaurant services in the forenamed facilities and venues.

Reservations and Confirmations
The reservation is considered binding when a written confirmation per e-mail or fax has been received and confirmed by service provider: Hotel Anttolanhovi and Subscriber/Hirer. Changes and cancellations to reservations must be done in writing.

Services Package / Conference package
By Services Package we refer to overall price of services which have been specified in advance by us. Services Package is always charged in full regardless of whether all attendees have participated eg. in all meals.

Confirmation of Final Details
A detailed program with following information must be delivered to us two (2) weeks in advance:

  • Number of delegates/participants
  • Schedule, meal times and special diets
  • Necessary meeting equipment
  • Names of hosts / hostesses of the event

Final number of event participants/delegates should be given no later than four (4) working days before the event. We reserve the right to changes in pricing if the number of participants/delegates changes by more than 10%. We will charge according to the number of participants/delegates that has been confirmed. If the number of participants/delegates is higher than originally confirmed, we will charge according to actual number participants and/or of facilities provided. Facility or venue reservation is held for the number of participants that has been confirmed by Subscriber/Hirer. In case the number of participants changes significantly, the venue/facility reserves the right to move the group to a more suitable venue/facility and renegotiate the details and costs of the event.

Reservations are binding. The Subscriber/Hirer has the right to cancel the reservation in which case Hotel Anttolanhovi will charge the Subscriber/Hirer according the following table:

Charges - An event for 10-50 people

  • 30 days prior to event - NO CHARGE
  • 14 days prior to event - 25% of the overall value of reserved services
  • 7 days prior to event - 75% of the overall value of reserved services
  • Less than 7 days prior to event - 100% of the overall value of reserved services

Charges - An event for 50- people or a private event

  • 60 days prior to event - NO CHARGE
  • 30 days prior to event - 25% tilauksen arvosta
  • 14 days prior to event - 75% of the overall value of reserved services
  • Less than 14 days prior to event - 100% of the overall value of reserved services

An event or a reservation for less than 10 people may be cancelled without expenses three (5) days before the event. When a reservation is done less than two (2) weeks prior to event, it must be confirmed / cancelled in writing no later than within two days from the reservation. Services reserved less than one (1) week prior to event or reservation date must be confirmed at the time of reservation. Cancellations are charged according to the same principle as reservations for 10 – 50 people (see the table above). Unless details, services and servings have not been agreed in advance, the facility/venue price list serves as basis for invoicing. Restaurant services are invoiced according to the cheapest menu that has been offered.

Organisatory charges
Facilities and venues are charged a rent unless declared otherwise in the offer. Separate rent is charged for meeting, conference and teamwork facilities. Rental price varies by venue. Separate charge is applied on furniture and equipment changes, extra furniture and equipment and other services. Sound reproduction and AV equipment and services which are not standard in the restaurant or meeting/conference facility or venue are charged separately. The Subscriber/Hirer answers for all expenses related to extending restaurant opening hours and license, notification of temporary sales foodstuff and serving, decorating, constructing, organizing special program and entertainment, booking orchestras etc.

Payment terms
Unless payment terms have been otherwise agreed on, Subscriber/Hirer pays in cash, per bank or credit card. If the Subscriber/Hirer has an invoicing contract with Hotel Anttolanhovi, the reservation can be invoiced after the event. An additional invoicing charge is added to the overall invoice. An interest is charged according to Finnish Interest Rates Law for late payments. A precondition for invoicing is a common invoice for the group. Hotel Anttolanhovi reserves the right to advance invoicing.

Subscriber/Hirer is obliged to ensure that venues and furniture are not harmed. The Subscriber/Hirer is responsible for all damages that occur to the venue and furnishings. The Subscriber/Hirer is responsible for his own equipment and furnishings. Subscriber/Hirer is obliged to follow the guidelines set by the venue and personnel. In case of an accident, Hotel Anttolanhovi charges costs that occur from cleaning, remedying etc. from the Subscriber/Hirer. Subscriber/Hirer is not entitled to transfer the reservation or sublet the venue to third party without the permission of Hotel Anttolanhovi.