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General booking and cancellation terms for individual bookings

These booking and cancellation terms are valid when you book a room direct from the hotel via e-mail or telephone. Please note that when you book a room for a night via electronic booking channels, the booking and cancellation terms of that online shop are valid.

  • The booking made by a customer is binding to both the customer and the hotel once the hotel confirms the booking. The booking can be made orally or in writing.
  • The room is available from 14:00 on the day of arrival and it must be vacated by 12:00 at the latest on the day of departure.
  • Cancellation and non-arrival for one night of accommodation
    The room booking can be cancelled free of charge on the day prior to arrival by 18:00. If the booking has not been cancelled by then or the customer has not arrived, the hotel has a right to charge the customer for the price of one night.
  • Cancellation and non-arrival for two or more nights of accommodation
    The cancellation must be made at the latest 14 days before the arrival date. The hotel can charge the price of a maximum of 3 nights for a later cancellation.
  • If the booking is made for a certain period and the customer leaves before the agreed time, the agreed price must be paid for the unused period, however, not for more than than the price for three nights.
  • Anttolanhovi has the right to demand a credit card confirmation or an advance payment for bookings. The advance payment can be applied for the special prices of certain holiday periods, which are mentioned separately in the price regulations. The advance payment is 50% from the total value of the booking.
  • Anttolanhovi has the right to cancel the booking for coercive reasons due to force majeure (Anttolanhovi cannot provide its services due to a strike, fire, water damage, natural catastrophe, act of war or some other factor that hinders Anttolanhovi's ability to function). In this case, any advance payments will be refunded to the customer.
  • Anttolanhovi also has the right to cancel the booking if the customer has not paid the advanced payment applicable to the special price by the due date.

The customer's obligations and responsibilities
During their stay, visitors must comply with the hotel's rules and regulations and those of the authorities. The hotel visitor (or the contact person named at the late booking stage) is responsible for damages caused to the room or to third parties. They are obliged to compensate for the movables they break or take out of the room either on purpose or due to their careless actions. The customer is also obliged to pay the cleaning costs of an overstayed room for the parts where they exceed normal cleaning costs. Any comments or complaints related to the equipment and state of the hotel room must be made on the day of arrival so that the errors can be rectified. Anttolanhovi is not obliged to compensate the customer for any complaints made later on. The hotel is not responsible for any items left in the room.

We recommend that our customers take out travel insurance in case of any emergencies. The hotel is not obliged to accept a cancellation without a cancellation fee based on a doctor's certificate or a similar document.

Other terms and conditions
For compelling reasons, the hotel has a right to transfer the booking to another accommodation of at least the same standard after discussing the situation with the customer. Anttolanhovi will compensate the customer with the direct costs caused by the transfer.