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Forest excursions for groups

Forest excursions for groups

Become fascinated by nature in season

Embark on a relaxing forest trip to the magnificent surroundings of Lake Saimaa as our experienced nature guides take you to the most exciting destinations. The excursions are carried out in cooperation with our partners.

Energy and moments of enchantment in winter nature​

Winter nature is particularly beautiful. We take a short walk in the Anttolanhovi winter forest, admiring the little wonders. We open our ears to hear the sounds of winter. We do exercises that deepen our presence, our connection to nature and our knowledge of ourselves. On this journey the soul rests. Let's be fascinated by winter!

Group size: Max. 20 people 
Duration: approx. 1-1.5 hours 

Forest Yoga 

Forest Yoga cares for your body in a gentle way. Yoga increases the flexibility of the body, relieves tension and improves balance. In addition, it reduces stress symptoms and brings peace of mind. In Forest Yoga, you deepen your connection with yourself and nature. You'll come back taking lighter steps, renewed.

Group size: max. 20 people
Duration: approx. 60 min. 

Nature Force exercise in the rhythm of the seasons ​

Every moment in nature has its own atmosphere. Each season opens up a new kind of magic for exploring nature; forest hiking, walking in the snow and snowshoeing on powder snow, under the moonlight and starlight. The great cycle of nature has an effect on humans; can you recognise the phenomena of nature’s 24-hour cycle in your body, in your daily life?

There are three physical stories in the Nature Force workout:

  • the body-warming power walk
  • the happy part of the workout using the terrain and nature with your own body weight
  • the wooded relaxation exercise

You learn something new about yourself, you get to use all your senses in nature and the fun of the Finnish cultural heritage, the “Finnish forest” and, above all, moving around in the wilderness fills your body with positive energy – your body thanks you!

Group size: max. 20 people
Duration: approx. 2 hours 

Guided Nordic Walking on the tracks and nature trails​

Sauvakävely on erinomainen kuntoilumuoto jokaiselle. Se sopii kaikenikäisille ja –kuntoisille. Liikunnan ohjaajan johdolla tutustutaan sauvakävelyn oikeaan tekniikkaan, jotta kävelyyn saadaan enemmän tehoa. Tavallisen kävelyn monet elementit tehostuvat sauvojen myötä ja kävelytekniikka hioutuu usein tasapainoisemmaksi.

Group size: max. 20 people
Duration: approx. 1 hour

Excursion to the Tuohilampi lean-to ​

Vitality, recreation and well-being in the forest. A well-being forest hike leaves behind a hectic rhythm of life for a moment. Enjoy and get empowered by nature. During the excursion, you will have the opportunity to delve into the different themes of the season, such as wild herbs, mushrooms, berries or, for instance, to do a group quiz about nature. Upon arrival, we enjoy coffee / hot juice as well as baked snacks or sausages cooked over the open fire.

Group size: max. 30 people
Duration: approx. 3 hours

We can also tailor tours to suit your wishes!