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Water sports for groups

Water sports for groups

Water is suitable for all ages and refreshes both the body and the mind 

In the pool class, you will get to know the water element and the water workout as a form of exercise. During the classes, various tools can be used to enhance the water’s resistance to the movements. We organise water sports lessons together with our partners.

Water aerobics

In water aerobics, you perform effective muscular and joint movements with stretches at the end. It firms the body and improves balance.

Group size: max. 20 people
Duration: 60 min. 

Water jogging ​

You'll love gentle, efficient running in the water. You enjoy water jogging in a 45-minute class. Water jogging increases oxygen intake, control of the abdomen and consumes a lot of energy. The lesson is well suited for anyone who can swim, regardless of age.

Group size: max. 12 people

Duration: 45 min.

Sauna beverages and snacks for groups

Drinks and snacks may be ordered for an additional fee. You can also book a private sauna and hot tub together for private use!

Water gymnastics, virtually

Using the state-of-the-art Hydrohex Pool Exercise offers you a whole new way of working out in our pool department that you can do at your own pace when it suits you, even with others. 
Ask for more information and choose the right class for your group or let’s come up with something completely different!