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Chef`s menu

Flavours from land and lake

Food is important to us, and we prepare it lovingly from the finest, cleanest ingredients in our locality. We use meat from private small farmers, fish from local fishermen and the freshest vegetables and roots of the season from nearby farms – always subject to availability. The berries and mushrooms we use are also picked from the pristine nature of the Saimaa area.

Quality wines and local specialities

In addition to the more familiar flavours, we have selected quality wines from small producers. The products of the local community include liqueurs, cider and distilled spirits from the Ollimäki Vineyard.

À la carte 

Mon-Sat from 16.00 to 21.00


White fish ceviche and crisp bread (L)

10 €

Creamy crayfish bisque and
homemade bread (L)

10 €

Foie gras parfait and
rasberries (L)

12 €



Organic lamb shoulder cooked overnight, potatoes,
vegetables and truffle-madeira sauce (L, G)

29 € 

Fried vendace, brown butter potato foam,
pickled chantarelles (L, G)

20 €

Porcini pelmenis, sour cream and lingonberries (L)

12 € / 19 €

Squab wrapped in Savoy cabbage , roasted pumpkin,
turnip pure and madeira sauce (L ,G)

32 €



Halla cheese burger + fries (L)


Fish & Chips (L)



Illusia and Loreley cheeses from Kappeli cheese factory,
tomato and vanilla jam, nut and date loaf (L)

10 €

Smokey whiskey creme brüle
and rasberry sorbet (L,G)

10 €

Honey and nut parfait, honeycomb caramel and
fresh berries spiked with Ollinmäki liquer (L,G)

11 €

Many flavours, also vegan. (L,G)
(Ask the waiter for options) 

4 €


C L A S S I C  1 2 €
Rustic ham from Roinila, pineapple and Illusia blue cheese from Kappeli (L)

H A U H A L A  1 2 €
Slow cooked goose , mushrooms and red onion (L)

G A R D E N  1 2 €
Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, pesto and mushrooms (L)

F R U T T I D I S A I M A A  1 2 €
Smoked vendace, pike, red onion and horseradish (L)

L = Lactose free

G = Gluten free


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